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Life Science WebQuests


Cell City
Visit Cell City
Frogs and Our Environment
Help Save the Chesapeake Bay
Classification Challenge
The Animal Kingdom
Endangered Species
Cells, Cells, Cells
The Bald Eagle
Cell City
Marine Biology Adaptation
Protist Introduction
Scientific Thinking WebQuest

The Galapagos Islands
Evolution Solution Webquest
Biome WebQuest
Plants- Can't Live Without Them
Food Chains in Plant & Animal Communities
Plant Adaptations
Biome WebQuest
Yellowstone Wolves
Science Project WebQuest
Units of Measure
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Frog WebQuest
Energy Resources
Several Middle School WebQuests
Genetics WebQuest

Middle school science WebQuests
Ecostem WebQuest
Eco-Food Chain Restaurant WebQuest
WebQuests from Middleschool.net